Fall/Winter Seasonal Flowers Order Form

Stewart Lawncare & Landscape wants to make it easy to keep your lawn colorful and pristine year-round. You can use our Fall/Winter Seasonal Color Order Form to easily order flats of beautiful colored seasonal flowers which our expert crews will plant for you.

Our seasonal flowers are sold by the flat, which typically consists of 18 individual plants in 4” pots. Pricing includes planting and standard bed preparation.

Fall/Winter Seasonal Flowers

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  • Pansy Majestic Mix
  • Pansy Majestic Blue
  • Pansy Majestic Yellow

  • Pansy Majestic Purple
  • Pansy Majestic White
  • Pansy Majestic Red

  • Pansy Crown Mix
  • Pansy Crown Blue
  • Pansy Crown Yellow

  • Pansy Crown Purple
  • Pansy Crown White
  • Pansy Crown Red Rose