Irrigation & Drainage Services in Dallas, TX & Surrounding Areas

Irrigation and drainage are key components to the health and maintenance of not only your landscape, but often times to the integrity of your home.

Proper irrigation can have a high impact on your lawn and landscape with careful consideration to coverage, proper scheduling, and attention to full sun areas.

Drainage can often be a challenge to solve on your own, but we work not only to solve drainage challenges but also look to make a problem area into an attractive landscape. Whether you are looking for solutions to existing drainage issues or want to plan a landscape with proper drainage, Stewart Lawncare & Landscape brings experience to remedy or avoid these common drainage challenges.


As a licensed irrigator since 1998 under #6850 in the State of Texas, we offer spray head irrigation, traditional sprinkler systems, and drip irrigation.

A properly functioning irrigation system is crucial to the health and maintenance of your landscape. Too little water, and your grass and plants may die. Too much water, and fungus, diseases and weeds take over. We can help you maintain your irrigation system to preserve your investment and keep your lawn healthy.


Poor drainage can create a host of problems and provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes, bacteria, and parasites.

Stewart Lawncare & Landscape specializes in drainage systems to keep water from pooling on your lawn. Our drainage systems include dry creek beds, retaining walls, area drains, and french drains. With decades of experience in drainage solutions, our crew can turn problem areas into assets.

Stewart Lawncare & Landscape will work with you every step of the way to fit your style, your needs, and most importantly, your budget..

A Team You Can Trust. Providing Quality Since 1993.

Elevating Irrigation Efficiency: Modern Planning and Construction Methods

In the heart of Dallas, TX, and its surrounding areas, We stand at the forefront of revolutionizing agricultural and landscape irrigation practices. Our focus on modern irrigation system planning and construction aims to optimize water utilization while addressing the critical challenges of water supply and efficient distribution. Here’s how we approach this vital aspect of landscape management.

Water Supply: The Cornerstone of Irrigation

  • Surface and Subsurface Sources: Recognizing the distinction between surface and subsurface water sources is fundamental. Our team conducts thorough investigations to ensure a reliable water supply, considering factors like seasonal flow variations, silt and salt content, and the sustainability of subsurface aquifers.
  • Innovative Water Sources: We explore unconventional sources like dew collection and treated wastewater, especially in areas where traditional water sources are scarce. This approach not only conserves water but also supports environmental sustainability.
  • Legal and Environmental Compliance: Securing water rights and ensuring compliance with local and international laws are critical steps. Stewart Lawncare & Landscape navigates these complexities to establish a legitimate, eco-friendly water supply.

Efficient Transport Systems

  • Customized Canal and Pipeline Solutions: Depending on the water source, we design and construct either expansive canal systems or compact pipelines. Our focus is on minimizing water loss through evaporation and seepage by utilizing concrete linings and advanced materials.
  • Gravity and Pumped Flow: To achieve efficient water transport, our systems are ingeniously designed to utilize gravity flow, augmented by pumping where necessary. This ensures that water reaches every part of your landscape or farm with minimal energy expenditure.

Advanced Water Application Techniques

  • Surface, Subsurface, and Sprinkler Methods: Tailoring the water application method to the landscape’s needs, we deploy surface, subsurface, or sprinkler irrigation techniques. Our systems are designed for uniform water distribution, ensuring that every plant receives the optimal amount of water.
  • High-Efficiency Sprinkler Systems: For areas requiring precise water control, we recommend sprinkler systems, including cutting-edge center pivot and traveling sprinklers. These systems offer flexibility, efficiency, and reduced labor costs.

Water Conservation Measures

  • Evaporation and Seepage Control: We employ innovative strategies to combat water loss. From evaporation-suppressing films to using durable, waterproof materials in canal and pipeline construction, our focus is on maximizing water use efficiency.

Stewart Lawncare & Landscape is dedicated to implementing modern irrigation solutions that cater to the specific needs of Dallas, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our commitment to sustainable water management and advanced irrigation technology ensures that your landscape not only thrives but also contributes to the conservation of this vital resource.

For a consultation or to learn more about our irrigation services, contact us at (972) 429-1921. Let’s work together to create a water-efficient future.

The Art of Modern Drainage: Strategic Planning and Construction

In the dynamic landscape of Dallas, TX, and its surrounding areas, effective drainage systems are not just a necessity; they’re an art form meticulously crafted by experts. Understanding the nuances of modern drainage planning and construction is vital to protect and enhance both agricultural lands and urban spaces. Let’s dive into the strategic approach to drainage that ensures sustainability and efficiency.

Understanding Soil and Topography

  • Soil’s Vital Role: The foundation of any successful drainage system lies in understanding the soil’s composition. Soils rich in sand and silt allow for rapid water movement, making them ideal candidates for subsurface drainage solutions. Conversely, clay-heavy soils pose a challenge, often requiring innovative surface drainage techniques to prevent waterlogging.
  • Topography and Land Slope: The land’s contour plays a crucial role in drainage planning. Flat terrains demand precise contour mapping to identify potential water collection points and design effective drainage pathways. Whether through community collaboration or advanced engineering, finding or creating a suitable outlet for drainage water is paramount.

Rainfall, Crops, and Water Table Considerations

  • Weather and Crop Patterns: The variability of rainfall and the specific water needs of crops influence the design and capacity of drainage systems. A detailed understanding of seasonal weather patterns, along with critical growth stages of crops, guides the development of drainage strategies that safeguard against both drought and flood conditions.
  • Water Table Dynamics: Recognizing the natural fluctuations of the area’s water table is essential in planning a drainage system that’s both effective and sustainable. This ensures that the drainage solution not only addresses immediate water removal needs but also supports long-term soil health and crop productivity.

Innovations in Drainage System Types

  • Surface vs. Subsurface Systems: The choice between surface and subsurface drainage systems is dictated by soil type, topography, and the intended use of the land. From main collection ditches to intricate networks of lateral conduits, each component is designed to efficiently remove excess water while minimizing impact on the land and the environment.
  • Embracing Modern Construction Techniques: The construction and maintenance of drainage systems have been revolutionized by advancements such as laser-guided excavation and the use of lightweight, durable materials like perforated plastic tubes. These innovations not only enhance the efficiency of drainage systems but also extend their operational life.

Ensuring Longevity and Efficiency

Maintenance is a crucial aspect of ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of both surface and subsurface drainage systems. Regular inspections, herbicide applications to prevent growth blockages, and protective measures for system outlets are all part of a comprehensive maintenance strategy. For subsurface systems, technological advancements have minimized maintenance needs, focusing attention on critical points like system outlets and material integrity.

Ready to elevate the drainage and irrigation efficiency of your property in Dallas, TX, and the surrounding areas? Stewart Lawncare & Landscape specializes in designing and implementing cutting-edge drainage and irrigation solutions tailored to your unique landscape needs. Don’t let water management issues dampen the potential of your outdoor spaces. Call us today at (972) 429-1921 to discuss how we can transform your property into a model of efficiency and beauty. Let’s make water work for you, not against you.


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